Jerry Moss won the 1966 Grammy for Record of the Year

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Jerry Moss, who kicked the bucket Wednesday (Aug. 16) at age 88, gotten numerous respects in his lifetime.

He and Herb Alpert, his trade accomplice and companion of more than six decades, gotten a Trustees Grant from the Recording Foundation in 1997. Nine a long time afterward, they were accepted into the Shake and Roll Lobby of Notoriety. (One of A&M’s beat stars, Sting, did the respects.)

Greenery moreover won a Grammy in competition. In 1966, Alpert and the Tijuana Brass’ propulsive instrumental “A Taste of Honey” won the Grammy for record of the year.

Alpert won two grants in that category, as both the craftsman and co-producer – with Greenery.

“A Taste of Honey” was the moment instrumental to win a Grammy for record of the year, taking after Percy Confidence and His Orchestra’s quiet “Theme From A Summer Place.”

Jerry Moss won the 1966 Grammy for Record of the Year

The two records were discharged fair five a long time separated, but they sound decades separated, with the energetic Alpert hit sounding much more modern.

Greenery and Alpert were moreover designated for collection of the year that year for co-producing Alpert’s blockbuster Whipped Cream and Other Delights.

The taking after year, they were assigned for both record of the year and collection of the year for co-producing Alpert and the TJB’s “What Presently My Love” and the ensemble’s collection of the same title. (Once more, Alpert was moreover recognized as the craftsman.)

Greenery landed his fifth and last Grammy designation in 1973 for co-producing the first cast collection from Cyrano with amazing maker Phil Ramone (who kicked the bucket in 2013).

It was nominated for best score from the initial cast appear collection.

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