Lizzo Big Grrls group voices huge support for singer amid former dancers’ lawsuit

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The official Instagram for Lizzo Big Grrrls move team posted a letter in back of the artist in the midst of a claim recorded against her by three previous artists.

With the about yearlong Uncommon Visit concluding July 30, the letter said thanks to Lizzo for “shattering confinements and kicking within the entryway way for the Enormous Grrrl & Enormous Boiii Artists to do what we love.”

“You have created a platform here where we have almost been able to channel all our energy towards a cause! Not as it were for Us, but for Lady and All individuals breaking barriers,” the letter proceeded.

(As the letter was marked by the collective “Big Grrrls & Huge Boiiis,” it’s hazy which of the artists sponsored the note or in case it was composed in total solidarity.)

Prior this month, three previous artists recorded a claim denouncing Lizzo of sexual badgering and making a antagonistic work environment stemming from episodes that purportedly took put starting in 2021 and through 2023.

Lizzo Big Grrls group voices huge support for singer amid former dancers' lawsuit

The allegations take after the plaintiffs’ cooperation in a reality TV appear challenge for the opportunity to connect Lizzo as one of her artists amid exhibitions and on visit.

Additionally, filmmaker Sophia Nahli Allison, who said she worked with Lizzo a few a long time back, affirmed that she was “treated with such disrespect” by the pop star that she cleared out the work after as it were approximately two weeks.

In a explanation, Lizzo denied the charges within the claim. Lizzo said, “These past few days have been very difficult and very frustrating for us.”

“My work ethic, ethics and respectfulness have been addressed. My character has been criticized.

As a rule I select not to reply to wrong charges but these are as extraordinary as they sound and as well over the top to not be addressed.”

Beyoncé and Grimes too voiced their bolster for Lizzo earlier to the Enormous Grrrls’ explanation Thursday.

“We had the time of our lives on The Extraordinary Visit. We have been so honored to share the arrange with such astounding talent,” the letter said.

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