Musician Camela Leierth-Segura’s Companions ‘Extremely Worried’ About 2 Months After Vanishing

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The Swedish model-turned-musician, who co-wrote Katy Perry’s hit ‘Walking on Air,’ was final seen within the Beverly Slopes region on June 29

Camela Leierth-Segura’s companions are inquiring the open for offer assistance in finding the model-turned-musician, who has been lost from the Beverly Slopes, California range for about two months.

Concurring to her lost people page on the California Division of Equity site, the Swedish musician‘s final date of contact was in Beverly Slopes on June 29. Her companions told News that her car, a 2010 silver Passage Fusion, was final seen “within the center.

The night of 30 June was “horrendous” when his 19-year-old pet cat, Morris, also suddenly disappeared. Leierth-Segura, 48, may be a singer-songwriter who is best known for co-writing the 2013 Katy Perry track “Walking On Air.”

The musician’s sister come to out to companions within the U.S., within the trust they would be able to track her down.

Montgomery recorded a lost person’s report and posted around her friend’s vanishing on Instagram on Aug. 9 in an exertion to induce others to assist within the look.

Musician Camela Leierth-Segura's Companions 'Extremely Worried' About 2 Months After Vanishing

“We are frantically looking for data on the whereabouts of our expensive companion, and sister, Camela Leierth, who may too be utilizing the title Camela Leierth Segura,” Montgomery composed.

“Camella suddenly disappeared on June 29, and her last known close contact was seen in Beverly Slopes, California.”

Montgomery proceeded, “We are amazingly stressed around her security, and in spite of our best endeavors, the nearby specialists have not been able to find her.

In the event that you have got any data, indeed the littlest detail can offer assistance, if it’s not too much trouble reach out promptly.” Leierth-Segura’s proprietor told News that she was ousted some time recently her vanishing.

Companions and neighbors told the outlet she was battling to pay her lease. Neighbors famous there were dead plants and a “for lease” sign exterior her domestic.

Montgomery posted on her Instagram account, “[Camela] implies the world to us and time is of the essence,” including that “her family in Sweden is arguing for your help.”

The lost people report depicts Leierth-Segura as a white lady with blonde hair and blue eyes who stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs around 125 pounds.

“I would also like to think that nothing terrible has happened yet, but do I think that nothing terrible has happened yet? No doubt,” her companion Cecilia Foss told News.

Anybody with data is inquired to reach out to Beverly Slopes Police Division at 310-285-2184.

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