RBD’s new song ‘Cerquita De Ti’ is out: Stream it now

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Calling all RBD fans! The Mexican pop bunch has unleashed their unused single “Cerquita De Ti,” which comes fair days some time recently kicking off its profoundly expected get-together visit on Aug. 25 in El Paso, Texas.

The track begins off with a melancholic piano note that at that point meets a unpretentious dembow beat for an unstable combination of sounds.

The title of the tune interprets to “close to you,” which impeccably captures RBD’s long-awaited gathering.

“It’s great that we got a chance to meet again, no one accepted us but we ever did. It’s been difficult but we’re here … You know I’ll continuously be near to you,” they sing.

After part in 2008, RBD — comprised of Anahí, Dulce María, Christian Chavez, Maite Perroni and Christopher von Uckermann — reported their comeback visit in January affirming stadium and field appears within the U.S., Mexico and Brazil.

RBD's new song 'Cerquita De Ti' is out: Stream it now

Peroni told the announcement in advance that, “Life has a lot of cycles and each of us had to be very focused on our careers as actors and performers, which meant we had to make time for those ventures.” , had to provide a modicum of energy and dedication.”

“It also allowed all of us to slowly grow professionally. Presently, the time [for the get-together] is idealize since we’re presently more cognizant, more develop, we’ll appreciate it from a distinctive point of view presently as adults.”

Prior this week, Bulletin declared that RBD’s Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez and Christopher von Uckermann will be portion of the 2023 Latin Music Week, set to require put Oct. 2-6 at the Faena Gathering in Miami.

The three RBD individuals will take center organize to share how their get-together visit came to fulfillment.

This RBD marquee appearance takes after another to begin with as this month, all five individuals will sit down with Announcement and Bulletin Español for their to begin with meet as a gather. Buy tickets to Latin Music Week here.

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