The Blind Side Creator Michael Lewis Denies Lawsuit Charges

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Michael Lewis, who composed The Dazzle Side as well as other book-to-film phenoms Moneyball and The Huge Brief, talked to the Washington Post approximately the claim recorded against his previous subjects.

Michael Oher has charged in his suit that the Tuohys never embraced him, instep putting him in a conservatorship.

Oher says the couple deceived him into marking a conservatorship without further ado after turning 18. They at that point purportedly took the cash from selling his life rights to form The Daze Side, featuring Sandra Bullock as Megan Tuohy.

The claim charges that the the Tuohys and their birth children got $250,000 each, additionally 2.5% of the film’s “defined net profits.”

Lewis told the Post that no one saw cash from The Dazzle Side but the studios. Lewis stated, “Everybody must be mad at the Hollywood studio system.”

“Michael Oher ought to connect the writers strike. It’s all outrageous how Hollywood’s bookkeeping works, but the money is not with the Tuhys.

The Blind Side Creator Michael Lewis Denies Lawsuit Charges

Agreeing to Lewis, both he and the Tuohys were advertised benefit interest within the film. After charges and operator expenses, Lewis says he and the Tuohys got around $350,000 each.

Lewis says the Tuohys arranged to part sovereignties among all family individuals, but that Oher started denying his sovereignty checks.

Lewis to begin with learned of Oher’s story from his childhood companion Sean Tuohy. He said he felt “very sorry” for Ohr.

“What I feel truly pitiful approximately is I observed the complete thing up close,” Lewis said.

“They showered him with assets and adore. That he’s suspicious of them is breathtaking. The state of intellect one has got to be in to do that — I feel pitiful for him.”

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