UFC 292 Recap: Zhang Weili overwhelms Amanda Lemos to hold strawweight title

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in the co-headliner of UFC 292, the strawweight title was on the line. The boss Zhang Weili (23-3) returned for her most memorable title safeguard of her subsequent title rule as she took on flooding strong competitor Amanda Lemos (13-2-1).

As referenced, Weili is starting her subsequent rule on top of the strawweight division. The last time we saw her was back in November at UFC 281 when she took on Carla Esparza.

Closely following her second win over Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Weili got a turn Esparza. Regardless of being the challenger, Weili was the enormous number one and she looked like it by submitting Esparza to recapture the title.

Amanda Lemos lost her UFC debut, however at that point she went on a five-battle series of wins which procured her a headliner against Jessica Andrade.

Lemos lost that battle, however returned solid with consecutive wraps up over Michelle Waterson-Gomez and Marina Rodriguez. This evening, she had her chance at strawweight gold.

UFC 292 Recap

Round 1

The UFC strawweight title fend starts off with a hint of the gloves. Weili opens with slight tension as she holds the middle. Low kick from Weili begins the striking. Lemos tosses a kick yet Weili gets it and kicks the back leg of Lemos and down they go. Weili gets on top and promptly advances to side control.

Short elbow from Weili and Lemos is simply attempting to remain created here. Weili gives off an impression of being attempting to secure in a cross, yet Lemos is working her direction back to the wall. Three minutes to go and Weili will work with enormous ground and pound along the wall. Predominant situation here from the hero and she is simply hammering shots into Lemos’ face.

Two major elbows now from Weili. Part of the way through the round and it’s all Weili at this moment. Lemos is attempting frantically to get up yet she’s getting pounded here. Brief scramble and Lemos gets a d’arce. It looks tight, however Weili is remaining made. Another scramble and Weili gets the back. She’s pouring down enormous shots.

The official looks near halting this however Lemos gets by. Totally merciless attack from Zhang Weili here in the main round. The ringer sounds and Lemos makes due however it’s all Zhang Weili at UFC 292.

Round 2

Entering the second and Lemos had minutes however it was a prevailing opening casing for the hero. They contact gloves and here we go. Lemos is the one that holds the middle to begin this time and she’s tossing big cheeses from range immediately. Low kick from Weili. Right hand from Lemos and Weili lands a counter.

Weili lands a major side kick to the body. Breaking right hand lands for Lemos. She pursues for another wild shot yet Weili gets a body lock and promptly hammers the challenger to the mat. Side control immediately for the boss. She almost gets a cross yet Lemos scrambles and drives Weili once again to half monitor.

UFC 292 Recap: Zhang Weili overwhelms Amanda Lemos to hold strawweight title

Three minutes to work here and Weili is remaining patient on top. She’s attempting to pass here however she’s not getting wild with it. Short elbows now from Weili. There’s a gigantic strength advantage in the catching here. Lemos powers a scramble yet presently Weili gets the rear of Lemos. Weili attempts to work her direction to the top mount however winds up in half gatekeeper.

One moment to work and Weili lands areas of strength for three. Lemos scrambles and they are back to the feet. Three straight knees to the body from Weili and she brings Lemos right down. Weili gets the rear of Lemos with around ten seconds left. The round finishes and it’s a predominant 2-0 for Zhang Weili at UFC 292.

Round 3

Entering the third and Amanda Lemos needs to remain formed and keep this battle standing. Side kick to the body begins the third round for Weili. Lemos ventures forward to land top dogs yet she eats a major counter from Weili. Large kick from Weili and they get into the secure. Lemos is really pursuing for a takedown here.

Three enormous elbows in close from Weili and presently she goes for a solitary leg and hauls Lemos down. Weili stands up and begins slashing at the legs from the top position. Before Lemos can get back up, Weili gets on top and gets directly into side control. Lemos turns however Weili promptly takes the back. Big cheeses from the boss.

Partially through the subsequent round and Lemos is looking crushed here. Lemos powers a scramble and returns Weili once again to half monitor. Two quick short elbows land for Weili. Weili moves right back to side control and again seems to be going for a cross. Lemos is at the wall and she utilizes it to get up.

Nonetheless, Weili keeps up with the control and terrains two truly amazing elbows in close. Knee to the body now from the hero. Weili steps away and lands a major blend. 1-2 now from the top dog lands. Step in elbow simply misses from Weili. The round closures and it’s a shutout here at UFC 292 through three.

Round 4

Entering the fourth round and I truly don’t have the foggiest idea what to tell Amanda Lemos as of now, she needs to keep this standing. They contact gloves and here we go. Lemos is attempting to hold the middle here and Weili lands a body kick. Strong low kick currently arrives for the hero. Lemos is plotting forward here and you can tell she’s searching for a grand slam.

Power right from Lemos simply misses. Then she gets Weili flush on a passage. Side kick to the leg lands for Weili. Mix from Lemos. Lemos has serious power and she gets Weili once more. Weili lands a leg kick yet presently Lemos lands a major right hand. She’s acquiring certainty here.

Huge right hand from Weili and she quickly goes for a takedown. Weili gets the takedown yet this time Lemos can get right back dependent upon her feet. Brief left in the round and Weili is beginning to look drained here. Lemos has all the earmarks of being the fresher contender.

Front kick now from Lemos. They trades shots in the middle. Weili ventures forward and hopes to land huge however nothing lands. Lemos presently tosses big cheeses and nothing lands. Huge body kick from Weili. The round finishes and that could go to Amanda Lemos.

Round 5

Entering the last round at UFC 292 and Lemos might’ve won that round, however she wants a completion to win. Lemos holds the middle to begin things and she eats several side kicks from Weili. Tremendous right hand lands for Weili and that puts Lemos down. Weili is fierce here going for the completion.

Lemos is holding tight yet she is eating a lot of shots from the boss. Lemos will endure this in some way and Weili will be gassed after that assault. They settle along the wall with three minutes to go. Weili has a cross here and Lemos is taking a lot of harm.

Notwithstanding, she utilizes the wall and some way or another returns to her feet. Knee to the body from Weili and presently an elbow. Body lock and a throw from Weili and she settles directly into side control. This is one way traffic here in the last round. Enormous knees to the body now from Weili.

Lemos scrambles with 20 seconds to go and they are back up. Two side kicks to the body land for Weili and the last chime sounds. The UFC strawweight title will remain in China.

Zhang Weili def. Amanda Lemos by Consistent Choice (50-43, 50-44, 49-45)

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