2023 Concert Review Update: Karol G’s ‘Bichota Season’ Gets a Glowing Stamp of Approval at the Rose Bowl

Date - 20/08/2023  Written - Narendra Dudhwa

Morgan Freeman's gravelly voice serenaded the crowd at storytime before Karol G took the stage at Pasadena's Rose Bowl arena Friday night to a sold-out crowd.

His illustration was matched with an energetic short using the same animation characters as the front track of his fourth studio collection, "Manana Serra Bonito".

which was about a mermaid named Carolina (Karol's real name),

which he had to embark on a journey to find again. Bichota self after losing his luster and experiencing a frozen heart.

For the three hours that followed, Karol delivered a strong performance in light of that reason.

In the crowd, Latinas of all ages — from young children with pinker-than-average hair to the vast gathering of women in their 20s, 30s and 40s — accepted the tunes of strength and gentleness as a message to sing their hearts out. Did.

The set of experiences that resulted in "Manana Serra Bonito," the first female-sung Spanish-language collection to top the Bulletin collections graph, turned into a vital, lived-in insight.

Karol seemed to understand that idea clearly.

He opened with the upbeat "TQG" featuring himself and Shakira.

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