50 Cent Mic Mishap: Accidental Fan Hit Raises Legal Questions

Written - Narendra Dudhwa

In a surprising turn of events, rapper 50 Cent finds himself facing legal scrutiny after accidentally striking a fan with a microphone during his concert

Drawing comparisons to a similar incident involving Cardi B, this unexpected mishap has sparked discussions about potential legal consequences

During his Final Lap tour at Crypto.com Arena, rapper 50 Cent's frustration with malfunctioning microphones led to an unfortunate accident

In an echo of Cardi B's past incident, he inadvertently hurled a broken microphone into the crowd, hitting a fan on the head and causing a visible injury

The injured fan has been identified as Bryhana Monegain, a radio host from Power 106

Photos shared on social media displayed a gash on her forehead, with bloodied towels wrapped around her neck

She filed a police report following the incident, raising concerns about the potential legal repercussions for the rapper

This accident draws parallels to Cardi B's previous microphone mishap in Las Vegas

Cardi B, too, accidentally hit an unintended person after tossing a microphone at a fan who had thrown a drink at her during a performance

Cardi B was eventually cleared of wrongdoing in her case

Law enforcement sources suggest that 50 Cent may face legal consequences for the microphone incident

Although his camp claims the fan was in an unauthorized area, it's uncertain if this argument will hold weight

The accidental nature of the incident may influence the extent of the charges he might face.e.

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