Osprey plane crash: Flight with 23 passengers fell in Australia, 3 US Marines died on the spot

Written - Narendra Dudhwa

Rock performer Alice Cooper's collection of 'vampire cosmetics' comes to an end after he described his transgender case as a 'twist' in an interview

In an interview the singer criticized them for calling 'transgender affairs' a 'twist', after which 'Vampire Cosmetics' concluded their collaboration

The singer said treating 'transgender' cases as a 'turn' raised questions on his delicate views

He also criticized gender stabilization for adults, which brought opposition to his idea

A day after the interview, 'Vampire Cosmetics' concluded their association, saying they wanted to stand with all members of the 'LGBTQI+ community'

'Vampire Cosmetics' organized the 'Alice Cooper Collection',

which included guitar and amp shaped makeup palettes, microphone shaped lipsticks and Whiplash Mascara by 'Alice Cooper'

In the announcement of this collection they praised him as 'one of the first male artists

who made facial makeup art a gender-specific product during an era of achievements

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