Watch Ben Kingsley befriend an alien who crashed on Earth in new UFO comedy 'Jules'

Date - 24/07/2023  Written - Narendra Dudhwa

Kingsley tries his best to educate an outsider the ways of the world in this endearing diamond from Seat Road.

The ever-hot theme of flying saucers and UFOs, or unidentified supernatural marvels (UAPs) as they are presently known, is taking center organize on Capitol Slope this week

Since the US House of Agents as of late started its hearings on unexplained sightings, and the open is anticipated to memorize more approximately the government's gathered cover-up of prove indicating to brilliantly outsider guests from past.

As the UFO talk about and whistleblower tributes are drawing standard consideration to a subject as a rule saved for science fiction

Hollywood is hopping into the profitable UAP contention with a unused indie sci-fi comedy set to be discharged this summer by Seat Road titled "Jules."

Coordinated by Stamp Turtletaub ("Perplex") from a script by Gavin Steckler and pointed at a more develop theater gathering of people, "Jules" stars Ben Kingsley ("Schindler's List"), Harriet Sansom Harris ("Licorice Pizza"), Jane Curtin (" SNL," "Third Shake from the Sun"), Zoe Winters ("Progression"), and Jed Kwon ("Transformers: The Final Knight").

"takes after Jules Milton (Kingsley), who lives a life of calm schedule in a little western Pennsylvania town

But his day is changed when a UFO and its extraterrestrial travelers crash in his patio.

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