Berkeley County School District advised not to use bus app amid problems

Written - Narendra Dudhwa

The Berkeley County School District alerted its students that after issues were reported with a new bus tracking app, its use is no longer recommended.

In a message sent to parents Saturday night, district officials said the My Ride 360 app had "a number of issues with regard to the app's coherence and ability to provide reliable information

According to the message, the app was purchased by the state's Department of Education and was expected to be used by the school district

But until the district works with the vendor of the app to resolve the issues

He told parents that he would provide school bus delay information in any Google document that he linked to in the message

Would not recommend district use to parents until issues with the product are fixed

so that consistent and reliable information can be provided to parents/guardians in our district," the message also states

The app aims to serve as a "one-stop shop": tracking bus routes, drop-off locations and estimated arrival times

But on the first day of the school year, parents in Berkeley County reported problems with the app

"It doesn't work at all, it doesn't show me where the bus is at all. Yesterday, it had no bus address on the map," said Monks Corner mom Bridgette Davis on August 22

“Yesterday afternoon the bus was still at the school and it just disappeared. I waited at the bus stop for an hour for the bus to arrive

I had no idea when or if they would come

The My Ride 360 app was introduced over the summer months to serve as an additional resource for bus drivers and passengers heading into the new school year

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