When and how to see the last full moon in August 2023?

Written - Narendra Dudhwa

The full moon in August 2023 is scheduled to occur on the night of August 30. It will be located on the opposite side of the Sun and will be visible at 21:36 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Along with the celestial event, the planet Saturn, which is on the verge of reaching its closest and brightest point for the year, will be coinciding with the full moon

After sunset, Saturn will be located about five degrees to the upper right of the full moon. During the night time, Saturn will be seen moving around the Moon

This full moon will be visible for three days, including its peak perspective from Tuesday night to Friday morning

The Blue Moon is recorded by Sky and Telescope magazine in 1946 under the current definition, according to which both full moons in August 2023 fall under this definition

After sunset Wednesday, the Super Blue Moon will rise over the Eastern Shore within sight of New York City

If you don't have a good eye position, you can have a virtual experience of the event

The 'Virtual Telescope Project', organized by astronomer Gianluca Masi, will give you the opportunity to observe online on August 30 at 23:30.

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