British band The 1975, the organizer of the Malaysian music festival, has announced 12.3 million ringgit ($2.7 million).

Date - 14/08/2023  Written - Narendra Dudhwa

after its lead singer's onstage challenge of the country's anti-gay laws incited specialists to closed down the celebration, the company's legal counselor said Friday.

FSA lawyer David Dinesh Mathew said that Future Sound Asia sent a letter to the band on Monday, requesting stipend for breach of contract.

During his July 21 execution, Matty Healy used profanity in a speech criticizing the Malaysian government's position against homosexuality,

some time recently kissing bassist Ross MacDonald amid the opening appear at the Great Vibes Celebration in Kuala Lumpur.

Film of the execution was posted on social media and started backfire within the overwhelmingly Muslim nation.

In Malaysia, homosexuality could be a wrongdoing culpable by up to 20 a long time in jail and caning.

The government pummeled Healy's conduct, boycott the band from the nation and cut brief the three-day celebration.

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