City councilor Fernandez Anderson claims: Looting near Mas and Casas

Written - Narendra Dudhwa

City Councilor Tania Fernandez Anderson says they were robbed Saturday evening in the Vict Mass and Cass area of the city, multiple sources have reported

At approximately 7:43 p.m., a redacted Boston police report states that an unknown white male stole a woman's phone

Three sources confirmed to the Herald that Fernandez Anderson, the name of the woman who reported in the police report, was redacted

The Masses and Cass area is known for the nearby Sanjan encampments and increased drug activity, largely around Southampton and Atkinson Street

The report by Fernandez Anderson stated that he had his phone snatched from his hand while taking photographs around 112 Southampton Street

The release reports that "a boy wearing a white polo shirt and black pants was seen running onto the curb on Atkinson Street," and "participates in the group that objected

Another man returned the phone to the victim when he approached with the phone

No arrests were mentioned in the report, and Boston police gave no notice of any ongoing investigation into the incident

Fernandes Anderson did not respond for comment till Sunday evening

The city's statement read, "We are pleased that everyone is safe and we are grateful for the Boston Police officers who were on Atkinson Street yesterday evening

Mayor Michelle Wu is expected to present an ordinance with the city council on Tuesday

to promote the cleanliness of the mass and case area, allowing the removal of tents and the creation of an alternative sleeping area

Fernandez Anderson, as head of the city council's budget process, has been the first to support cuts to the police budget and approve a $31 million cut to the department's budget, which was ultimately vetoed by the mayor

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