‘Don’t do things for me, do things for your community’ CSRA Parrot Heads remember Jimmy Buffett

Written - Narendra Dudhwa

Singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffett has died at 76-years-old, and his impact reached people here in Augusta.

“Buffett’s thing was you know, always leaving leave things better than you found it,” said Karl Keene, member of the CSRA Parrot Heads.

Susan and Karl Keene both bonded over their love for Buffett.

“We actually met through the Jimmy Buffett...it was a baseball night one night and we met and a few years later we got married and we’ve been together ever since.

Being 19 years in September, and we actually had a Jimmy Buffett wedding,” said his wife, Susan Keene, member of the CSRA Parrot Heads.

“Our whole house is Jimmy Buffett. We even have a sign out front that says ‘Warning we listen to Jimmy Buffett music,’” she said.

Jimmy Buffett also influenced many to give back and that’s what the Parrot Heads of the CSRA do.

“Jimmy always said, don’t do things for me, do things for your community. 

So over the years, we have done charity work for the SPCA on one side of the river. 

We do a Christmas in July party every year and give school supplies to the Children’s Place in Aiken we take up at our Christmas party. 

We do toys for the Children’s Hospital here in Augusta and we also do for the Salvation Army where we collect supplies to give out to the homeless,” she said.

The laid back music created bonds across generations.

“It’s so much more than Buffett because it’s the memories, the fun things, the things that we have enjoyed for many years all because of listening to his songs,” she said.

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