Elon Musk reactivates Kanye West's Twitter account after X rebrand

Date - 31/07/2023  Written - Narendra Dudhwa

X, once known as Twitter, has reestablished Kanye West's account on the social media stage.

The company told The Divider Road Diary on Saturday that West would not be able to monetize his account and would not see any advertisements another to his posts.

The musician's account was suspended in December for damaging the gathering rules on affecting savagery.

The suspension taken after a number of anti-Semitic comments made by West—who has lawfully changed his title to Yeh—including debilitating to "put the passing punishment on Jewish individuals."

Those explanations rapidly driven to a few commerce bargains, counting associations with Adidas and extravagance mold house Balenciaga.

In spite of the fact that CNN was incapable to decide at the time which tweet was the ultimate blow, the day some time recently his suspension, West tweeted an modified picture of the Star of David with a swastika interior.

Twitter has long been entangled in questions approximately balance, with the platform's CEO Elon Musk depicting himself as a "free discourse absolutist".

After concurring to purchase the company final October, he said Twitter would be "exceptionally hesitant to strip things" and "be exceptionally cautious of lasting limitations."

But after West was suspended, Musk tweeted, "I attempted my best. In spite of this, he once more damaged our run the show against actuating viciousness.

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