Erica Jayne accused of defrauding service agents

Written - Narendra Dudhwa

TV personality Erica Jayne, who recently wrapped her showgirl dreams of her Las Vegas residency "Put It All On The Blonde," with some legal fiction

In a million dollar issue, he is sued by clothing merchant Christopher Psilla

In which his alleged involvement is alleged to have been his involvement in a fraud conspiracy by Jane

Christopher Psila, the co-founder of Marco Marco, has claimed that Erica Jane conspired with him to engage in a fraud conspiracy

What is the issue?

According to Psila, together with Erika Jayne and a group of Secret Service agents, they conspired to have him "unfortunately prosecuted"

Fraud conspiracy controversy

Psila claims the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star allowed him and his business to charge his credit card for peripherals and services provided for his shows since 2014

Main Allegation

The lawsuit claims that Jane and her husband Tom Girardi "weaponized" the Secret Service and bribed Succession Agent Robert Savage to launch a federal criminal investigation against Psilla

Allegation of involvement of Secret Service and American Express

The lawsuit claims that Jane and Girardi also involved American Express in their fraud conspiracy, with Psilla alleging that the company did not investigate Jane's unauthorized charges

Allegations of involvement of American Express

The lawsuit states that "Tom Girardi was facing bankruptcy and he sought to repay money from his Girardi Keys client settlement fund for his and Erika Jayne's exorbitant lifestyle and personal bills as a result of his and Marco's defrauding." Was."

What is the allegation?

The nature of the issue relates to clothing trade and personal financial disputes, which later turned into a cheating conspiracy

Case Type

The lawsuit claims that Zane and Girardi's financial situation was deteriorating

Why litigation?

In this lawsuit, Christopher Psila alleges fraud conspiracy against Erica Jayne and others

In which they were cheated of their business and personal comforts

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