Fifteen years later “Tropic Thunder” is a flawed comedy that we’re still trying to agree on

Date - 20/08/2023  Written - Narendra Dudhwa

It doesn't take much work to experience Robert Downey, Jr.'s token.

Work in "Jungle Thunder", no matter what year we are in.

The cuts are the ever-famous GIF, including Downey as Kirk Lazarus.

Especially those that uncover a running record of the person's most idiotic lines.

Harmless clowns and wild goblins present them as provocative answers to just about any issue you can imagine.

Nevertheless, images and references to "Jungle Thunder" were particularly productive during the past week,

And having nothing to do with the commemoration of the 2008 film's fifteenth, it formally crosses over on August 13.

Should Bradley Cooper wear a prosthetic nose to play the unreliable guide Leonard Bernstein?

Watch a few strings discussing this, and there will be the essence of Downey's Lazarus as Dark Armed Forces Sergeant Lincoln Osiris.

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