GOP debate was 'most amazing part': Candidates show support for Trump if convicted: Christie

Written - Narendra Dudhwa

Popular former governor Chris Christie said Sunday that "the most amazing part" of the first secret primary debate was that so many candidates said they would support Donald Trump.

As soon as former presidents are found with criminal convictions - Christie calls it a recipe for "four more years of Joe Biden

Ruling out possibility of ex-president criminal conviction is an 'impossibility', according to Christie

As concerned former ABC affiliate and one of its most vocal centenarian critics in the primary election, former New Zealand Governor Chris Christie raised the possibility 'that you could elect someone with a criminal conviction as our presidential candidate

Abandoned and said that Trump can win against President Biden

Some voters have expressed their lack of interest in Trump's impending criminal prosecution

and rather they point to the legal problems of Hunter Biden, the president's son

Christie said that what Hunter Biden has done, he is not running for any position

I think it means a lot to the voters to decide whether the person is telling the truth or not

Do they see you doing politics, or do they see you working for the American public and what they believe in?" Christie said

Christie when asked what was the strategy behind the attacks on her fellow candidate Vivek Ramaswamy in the primary debate

who ranks high in national polls of primary voters -- and why he targeted it and didn't target Florida Governor Ron DeSantis like Donald Trump

Joe is in second place in the race behind Trump, according to FiveThirtyEight's polling average

Of the 22% of the candidates listed in the FiveThirtyThirtyEight/WashingtonPost/Ipsos poll that followed the primary, his establishment was voted the most

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