Osprey plane crash: Flight with 23 passengers fell in Australia, 3 US Marines died on the spot

Written - Narendra Dudhwa

Three US Marines were killed on the spot when an Osprey plane crashed on a remote tropical island north of Australia on Sunday

Osprey aircraft have a checkered history, including a series of fatal crashes over the years.

US military officials said that three US Marines were killed after the Osprey plane crash on Sunday.

Five Marines were rescued from the crash site and were airlifted to Darwin Hospital in critical condition.

Rescue efforts were greatly hampered by the location of the crash

It took place on the remote and sparsely populated Melville Island, 60 kilometers (37 mi) north of the Australian mainland

There were a total of 23 people inside," US military officials said in a statement. "Three have died on the spot

While five other individuals have arrived at Darwin Hospital in a serious condition."

Recovery efforts are ongoing," added US officials, who are investigating the cause of the incident

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese described the incident as "tragic" and "repentant" but stressed that authorities are still trying to piece together what happened

The Osprey aircraft was grounded for several hours due to rescue difficulties at Darwin Hospital when atmospheric airlift was not available

The Osprey is a mix between a helicopter and a plane, which has been marred by a series of fatal crashes over the years

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