Painkiller Review 2023 - Matthew Broderick's character is out and out terrible

Date - 10/08/2023  Written - Narendra Dudhwa

Here's a beautiful great contention for saying you've seen the modern Netflix show arrangement Painkiller some time recently. 

The Disney+ show Dopesik secured the same introduce and numerous of its beats sound recognizable.

Both are anecdotal depictions of genuine and composite individuals and occasions at the center of the opioid plague unleashed by the Sackler family.

The company concocted and proceeded showcasing – through the late 90s – of a modern sedate called Oxycontin. 

Both weave the story of a "normal" individual's continuous enslavement to a endorsed medicate (Dopexic highlights a youthful lady harmed in a mining mishap,

Painkiller featured Taylor Kitsch, a 30-year-old family man named Glenn, 

who is harmed within the course of his work (as a workman) through the bigger lawful picture, displayed through comparable surrounding gadgets.

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