You Will Get Relief From The Pain of Periods, Just Have To Do This Work

Written - Narendra Dudhwa

Periods are a month-to-month event in the life of women which comes every month

During this time, many women suffer from period pain, due to which they suffer a lot

By not ignoring period pain, there are some simple ways to understand and reduce it, which can provide you comfort

Hot water bottle or hot bag - You can use a hot water bottle or hot bag to get relief from period pain

Gently massage the hot water bottle by placing it behind the back or on the stomach. This will reduce the rate of bleeding in your stomach and you will get relief

Exercise - Exercise can also prove beneficial in getting relief from period pain. Yoga and Pranayama can also prove helpful in this

Exercising regularly will improve blood circulation in your abdomen and you will feel less pain

Adequate rest and sleep – It is also important to give your body adequate rest and sleep during periods

By sleeping and getting up on time, the amount of energy in your body will be maintained and you will get relief in the problem of pain

Nutritious diet - It is also important to take care of nutritionally rich elements in your diet during periods

Especially increasing the amount of elements like calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and iron in the diet can reduce the pain of periods

Home remedies - Some home remedies can also help you to get relief from period pain

Such as gargling refreshingly with celery water, drinking hot milk, drinking basil tea etc

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