"'Shallow Hell' Leads to Sad Times for Xanth Paltrow's Body Double"

Date - 26/08/2023  Written - Narendra Dudhwa

Reportedly, Ivy Snitzer revealed that she had some sad days after starring in "Shallow Hell."

In an interview with the Guardian, Snitzer revealed that she acted as Gwyneth Paltrow's body double in the film "Shallow Hell" when she was 20.

Snitzer said that he "was treated as really important to me" by the cast and crew, like they couldn't make the movie without me.

He said that after the release of the film, people accused him of encouraging obesity and swung him on the road.

′′ I left Hollywood out of fear ′′ I was very scared. I thought: maybe my shining time is over, maybe I don't want to be an actress. Maybe I'll do something else."

After leaving Los Angeles and moving back to New York City, he said his condition had worsened over the two years and his health problems had increased.

After gastric band surgery in 2003, his band slipped and he developed a torsion problem, which dogs are prone to and die on the spot.

His frail condition prevented doctors from performing the correct causative surgery, and further problems forced him to undergo gastric bypass.

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