Unraveling the Complex Tale of Michael Oher's Journey

Date - 16/08/2023  Written - Narendra Dudhwa

The Michael Oher story, at slightest the one we all know from the film The Daze Side,

has continuously been more complicated than anybody who observed and adored the motion picture that won Sandra Bullock her solitary Oscar and netted more than $300 million around the world needed it to be.

Presently all those complicating variables are coming to the surface since Oher, the previous NFL player who propelled the motion picture

has recorded suit against the Tuohys, the family that's said to have embraced him as a youngster within the film

It is frequently overlooked that Michael Lewis’s 2005 book The Dazzle Side, upon which the film was freely based, isn't really around Michael Oher.

It’s approximately the offensive-tackle position in football, how NFL (and college) groups had put their whole franchises’ esteem within the (gigantic) hands of 22-year-old boys with crazy (and exceptionally particular) physical measurements.

A follow-up to his groundbreaking, still-reverberating 2003 baseball book Moneyball, it was an endeavor to do for football what Moneyball did for baseball.

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