Watch Sarah Hyland react after Love Island USA contestant calls her ‘disrespectful’

Date - 20/08/2023  Written - Narendra Dudhwa

Love Island USA finds Sarah Hyland figuring out how to keep her cool during Friday night's episode

when contender Mike Obvious scolded him for being a "maniac insolent".

The Cutting Edge Family alumni, who have hosted the famous Peacock dating show more than twice, recently reported

Islander Keenan Persuasion was being sent home after receiving the most votes.

Accordingly, his teammate Vikla "K" Dark decided to accompany him.

Hyland quickly confirms that Dim has no problem biding his time at the manor,

He asked, "Before you go anywhere, I just want to make sure you're totally on board with your choice."

"No second thoughts," said Dark. Then, without prompting, the Distinct went up to Highland and inquired, "For what reason do you say so?"

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