Woody Harrelson underpins Anti-Vaxxer RFK Jr. for president

Date - 11/08/2023  Written - Narendra Dudhwa

Woody Harrelson and Cheryl Hines' cap articulation uncovers it all

Woody Harrelson has apparently adjusted himself with the questionable presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a vocal rival of inoculations.

The association came to light when Kennedy's companion, performing artist Cheryl Hines, shared a good humored selfie including herself and her previous co-star from Wilson, Harrelson.

The photo depicts Harrelson wearing a "Kennedy 2024" cap, driving numerous to translate the motion as a potential support.

In any case, this improvement has started blended responses.

Whereas Hines captioned the picture with a straightforward "Extraordinary seeing you Woody," comments on the post uncovered a more nuanced assumption among devotees.

My excitement is controlled," one commenter joked, referencing Hines' inclusion within the Larry David sitcom

"Check Your Excitement." Another person communicated disillusionment, expressing, "Goodness God dammnit... not Woody..."

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